Values & Goals:

Governance, Initiative, Business Values & Ethics

As a company, our operations and activities are rooted in strong principles and high standards of conduct. We are committed to providing each employee with equal opportunity and competitive compensation in a safe working environment.

Corporate Governance: Our policies and practices enhance our accountability, integrity and transparency.

Initiative: We encourage each individual to be an entrepreneur, meet any opportunity and deliver results in the face of challenges. This sets us apart from others in the industry.

Core Values: Our values reflect who we are and what we do. These values are important milestones for every employee of the company as they help us to achieve our purpose of improving indian agribusiness through its supply chain. These Values are:

  •  Integrity: Honesty and fairness guide our every action

  • Teamwork: Each employee works as a team in their pursuit of individual excellence and for create benefits for all our stakeholders.

  • Collaborate: Contribute to the development of team members, the company and our society

  • Trust: Trust in each other and willingness to accept other ideas, opinions, feedback etc.
  • Ethics: We promote the highest standards of honesty, fair dealing, integrity and ethical behavior throughout the company. This is demonstrated in our dealings with all stakeholders.