Technical Advisory & Consultancy

     Let our years of experience in the industry help to provide you with timely solutions

    We are privileged to work in sectors that we are passionate about which have a real economic and social impact on the organisations we work with. These sectors include Green Energy, Agribusiness and Education. We provide a wide range of services including detailed project reports, new business ideas from small business to big ones, financial patterns, inflow of funds, information of government funding or incentives, business structure, profit analysis etc.

    What sets us apart is our superior service and responsiveness allowing for flexible cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed expectations. We will help you identify opportunities and solutions to improve system and equipment performance, production process and regulatory compliance.  

    "We have built up a strong network of global contacts, allowing us direct access to great people and places around the world."  If you are planning to set up a new project or need advice, please send us your contact details for an obligation free* consultation.