Ripening Liquid for Ethylene Generator

Used in GENET ethylene generator, Genetol is an international product and the best ripening liquid available in India. Therefore, GENETOL is a preferred first choice of customers who are ripening fruits with best results. Care must be taken about spurious liquid being marketed for use in ethylene generators but meant for wood etc.

Genetol Ripening Liquid has been formulated especially for use in GENET Ethylene Generator. Key features where it scores over other 'ripening concentrates':


Easy to distinguish light pink color, Genetol gives out a faint sweet odor. Genetol can be used to ripen a variety of fruits such as Banana, Mango, Citrus, kiwifruit, pear, papaya, peach, plum, nectarine and tomato.

Genetol is readily available in 5 liter jar which is convenient for customers having large number of ripening rooms to supply ethylene from just one jar. Genetol is approved ripening liquid for use in GENET Ethylene Generator. 

We advise our customers not to use any other liquid or concentrate as it will damage the internal parts and result in expensive repairs.  People selling such liquids have only 2 ulterior motives - make a quick sale and damage imported ethylene generators in order to push their off grade products as an alternative. These people cannot be working with your best interest in mind.