Ethylene Removal Machines

Ethylene Removal Machines

"You can extend the shelf life & reduce post harvest losses of Perishables using innovative products from Agritech"

Agritech designs and supplies ethylene control products to keep fruits fresh in ethylene abosrbing produce bags, covers, sheets.  Use of our products during post harvest handling of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers during storage and transportation can help you to measure, monitor and prolong their storage life. Our products are used during transportation by road or sea or air as well in cold storage rooms. To know what is ethylene, read our blog.

We have a new range of products for post harvest use in storage chambers of fresh produce. These units offers higher performance, ease of installing and maintaining, total peace of mind. You can place the machine on the floor or hang them on the wall (as shown in the photo below). Various models are available that were designed for cold storage room area from 50 to 2000 m³.

Furthermore, You can use our handheld ethylene gas analyzers to measure the level of ethylene gas in the storage room to ensure optimal produce quality in storage and transportation.

For more details about our absorber products, you can email or call us.