Ethylene Absorbers and scrubbers (EAS)

Plants release an odourless, colourless gas called ethylene as they grow. After harvest, this ethylene gas sets off a timer to accelerate the ripening process leading to loss of quality and decay. Ethylene Absorbers and scrubbers (EAS) slow down this acceleration and helps to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables long enough to reach consumers in the most optimal state. Fruits keep looking fresher, green vegetables retain colour and slows down yellowing with ethylene scrubbers.

Keeping these fruits and vegetables fresh in the supply chain can be a daunting task if you are not equipped with the correct tool or product. For example, most ethylene absorbers are sold by weight rather than their absorbing capacity. The marketplace is full of products making tall claims to overcome this challenge but only a handful of products actually succeed to do the job.

Since every product is different and so are your needs, we offer customized products and services. Our range of ethylene absorbers and scrubbers are available in different formats and sizess to suit your packaging and storage rooms. Putting ethylene absorbing sachets inside the fruit boxes of the reefer lowers the ethylene levels during  transportation. It reaches a low ethylene level that is below the signal needed for the anthracnose to develop their apresorium, (the fungi organ that invades the fruit). You can also use ethylene filters (in sizes of 750mm & 1000mm) for container cargo etc. 


Ethylene scrubbersEthylene Absorbers and scrubbers


Etylene scrubbers are used in cold storage rooms (sizes of 5000 cft & above) for medium to long term of fruits like apples, citrus, vegetables etc. These machines can be placed on the floor or provided with wheels to make them mobile. Alternately, they can also be placed on the wall. When ethylene gas passes through the modules of machine,  the air is cleaned and released back.


Etylene scrubbers - EAS

Some of the benefits of our products are as follows:

-          Increases commercial life of produce, reduces wastage due to rot and decay

-          Removes odours in the cold storage rooms, products retain color and enhances its quality

-          Helps to build positive company image and retain customers.

Agritech Equipment & Services Pvt. Ltd have been helping our customers to choose products that deliver right solution time and again. With our team of fresh air knowledge experts, you can rely on them to offer you the best cutting edge products & services. We invite to take your pick!