Ethylene Absorber Sachets & Sheets

Ethylene Absorber Sachets & Sheets

Ethylene is a gaseous plant hormone that plays an important role in inducing the ripening process for fruits & vegetables As the fruit matures, the ethylene induces  faster fruit ripening.

Why do you need an Ethylene Absorber?

For Keeping the fruits fresh for a longer period. You can place our absorber sachets or sheets inside fruit boxes to remove ethylene, inhibit decay, keep them fresher, increase your profits & credibility. Exporters use these sachets as per their packaging needs and duration of storage.

How does it work?

The Ethylene gas produced by the harvested fruit is absorbed by the media inside the sachets, gets oxidized and converts into water vapor and carbon dioxide.The vapor or moisture produced within the package is also absorbed which in turn inhibits microbial growth within the package. Our products can dramatically reduce the harmful levels of ethylene gas in your containers and result in shelf life extension of fresh fruits. vegetables and flowers.

We use special grade of DuPont's Tyvek* non-dusting & breathable paper (approved for food contact by FDA) suitable for active packaging that prevents leakages. Most of the other sachets in the market suffer from leakages that results in staining of fruits and loss of quality for buyers.

Ethylene absorber sachets are available in different weights - 1.7g, 2.5g, 5g, and so on. We can help you to decide which capacity of ethylene absorbers is suitable for your needs based on our years of experience in this field. In short, we can provide you with the complete shelf life extension solutions in the market today. Call today.