Electronic and Colour Grading Lines

Electronic and Colour Grading Lines

We can offer you a range of electronic and color grading lines for apples, oranges, pineapples, tomatoes etc.

Electroni Weight Sorters Electronic Weight Graders are manufactured in compliance with the international standards and guidelines. 


  • Gentle and speedy handling for all your fruit
  • Choice of large volume collection drums or collecting trays
  • Online 24 hour technical support technical support
  • Durable powder coated for extra protection
  • Flexibility to handle most fruit types like Apples, mango, lemon
  • Electronically adjusted variable speed drive for smooth flow of fruit line

Color & Blemish Grading Lines

color sorterOur Latest Color grading machines for Apples, Citrus etc provides detailed, accurate color, size and shape sorting for produce. Our color sorters  captures multiple images of each fruit at standard production speeds of up to x fruits per second. 

Fruits are graded on different parameters such as:

  • Color  - Multiple user defined grades 
  • Hue - Average color of the fruit
  • Shape - Elongation, flatness and symmetry
  • Diameter to within +/- 1mm accuracy
  • Volume (Oranges and other fruits) with standard deviation
  • Detects bridging fruit (pieces incorrectly located in carriers) and doubled fruit.