Ethylene Absorbers:

Ethylene is a natural plant growth hormone released by all fruits and vegetables that contributes to their ripening and accelerates decay. After the fruits are harvested, you can slow down the ripening process by removing the ethylene gas during transportation from farm to market onto end customers. Similarly, excess moisture in the storage area can lead to water damage and rusting. This applies to both perishables and non-perishable goods

Ethylene & Moisture Removal products are available in different formats like sachet, filters, covers,  etc.) to suit customer needs in a cost effective way. Some of the inherent benefits of using our solutions include: extend freshness of perishables, reduce shrink, improve appearance & sales, reduce water loss and increase in customer satisfaction.  To know how we can help, click here or contact us.

What we offer goes beyond a simple sale - Agritech provides range of customized solutions to all and this differentiates us from the herd!