How to Reduce Post harvest Losses in Tomatoes & Other Vegetables?

Tomatoes are fleshy vegetables and have thin skin. This makes them very vulnerable to improper storage conditions and causes growers to face significant post harvest losses. Farmers, Traders, Processors often as me the following question:

 How can we protect our tomatoes in storage? 

I tell them to use our Ethylene Removal machines which will:

  - Eliminate ethylene. Ethylene produced by tomatoes not only speeds up their ripening process but also damages 

    any green, leafy vegetables that might be stored in the same cold room. 

  - Remove airborne pathogens. This will protect fruits from Bacterial Soft Rot (caused by Erwinia cartovorum) and
    Botrytis Gray Mold growth. 

Our ethylene removal machines are the right solution as they effectively remove ethylene and 99.5% of all VOCs from the cold room, extending fruits storage life. Different models are available to adapt to room volumes.


Ripen Bananas using GENET Ethylene Generator?

If you are new to ripening fruits commercially and confused by expert opinions, we may be able to clear the air.
Here, we will explain the ripening process, ripening methods, important points to remember, safety process to follow and many more. 

Fruit Ripening Process:

For Bananas, international experts recommend that ripening rooms should remain closed for the first 24 hours. During this period, ethylene production starts in all the fruits kept in the controlled atmosphere. After this initial period, the room should be aired by either opening the door for 15-20 minutes or by using ventilation fans connected to XT Gas Controller to remove CO2 gas and to allow intake of fresh air. You can now move your portable GENET ethylene generator to the next room for ripening. After Day 4, you can start removing ripened bananas from the rooms for sale in local markets or to supermarkets.  

The green mature bananas are kept in a cool place or a ripening chamber, placed inside plastic crates in bunches. These plastic crates are kept on top of one another in a stack of 6-8 crates. This pattern is repeated across the ripening chambers till the entire area is completely filled. 

Now, place the Genet ethylene generator inside the room and fill the tank with ripening liquid. Switch on the ethylene generator by connecting to a wall socket (green led lights up showing that machine has started working. Come outside the ripening room and close the door for 12-24 hours. After the end of this period, open the room to check the progress in ripening started by using Genet. Green to yellow banana takes up to 5 days time.

We have developed and fine-tuned the ripening process for a variety of other fruits viz., not available on internet. These include ripening of Mango, Papaya, Citrus to name a few fruits and can be shared with genuine customers.
If you have a specific question, please write an email to us.