Gas Analyzers - Ethylene, CO2, Ammonia, VOC

Gas Analyzers are used for monitoring low concentrations of gases and vapours in the range of tens to thousands of ppm. Their simple design renders them cost effective and not demanding as for maintenance. They use semiconductor or electrochemical sensors for detection. The former have longer lives and lower selectivity, while the latter are selective, but their lives are limited to 2 years on average.

A number of the ASIN analysers are used, e.g., to monitor combustion processes, to check and control volatile organic compounds (VOC) disposal processes, and to measure emissions from combustion processes, using special software to process results. Gases Analyzed include Oxygen, Ammonia, Organic Compunds, Carbon Monoxide, etc

Portable Ethylene Meter

ETHAN is a battery operated portable instrument and serves to measure ethylene levels in chambers for storage, maturation, and ripening o fruit and vegetables. 

The Ethylene Meter uses an electrochemical detector sensitive to ethylene. 

The measurements are visible on its digital screen immediately. Range: 0 -100 ppm

ETHAN has an internal pump, which provides a continuous flow to the detector. 

By using an external tube, it can take measurements in places that are difficult

 to access like Controlled atmosphere rooms, ripening rooms etc.

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ammonia gas analyzerAmmonia Gas Analyzer measures the concentration of Ammonia gas in the ambient air. The analyzer is precision engineered by the aid of sophisticated technologies and production methodologies that enables us to deliver an impeccable range. Features included are:

  • The NH3 analyzer converts ammonia in gases in the concentration 0-100 or 0-1000 rpm
  • The measuring principle is the electrochemical sensor
  • Since the operation life of the sensor is limited by the total exposition time and concentration measured, the measuring is periodical, with arbitrarily adjustable measuring and idle period
  • During the idle period, clean air is taken in through an extra supply
  • Minimum length of measuring period is 2 minutes plus the transport delay
  • The measuring is not disturbed by other gases

Oxygen Gas Analyzer:

oxygen-gas-analyzerOxygen Gas analysis is required is many different industries and applications. For accurate and continuous process measurements, our O2 gas analyzer is highly demanded by our customers. Offered range of products is manufactured by making use of optimum grade raw material that is obtained from the most valued vendors located all over the world. Key Features include:

  • ASIN-O2 measures the oxygen concentration in gases
  • As the measuring element the electrochemical sensor is applied with features like high selectivity, reliability and long operation life
  • Output of the concentration measured is on the LED display and as the current loop 4-20 mA
  • The device is not equipped with any special gas treatment
  • The analyzer is designed for the wall mount
  • The maintenance consists only of the periodical check, in case of need correction of the calibration
  • The calibration is restricted to the zero correction in nitrogen and range correction in clean air

Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector:

carbon-monoxide-detection-systemCarbon monoxide is odorless, colourless and contains toxic gas. It is impossible to see, taste or smell the toxic fumes and causes dizziness, disorientation so timely & early detection is vital for safety of people working in these industries. For dangerous environments, it is advisable to use the wall mounted versions connected to an alarm system to ensure safety of workmen operating in these sectors.

Other details of CO Sensor includes:

  • Carbon monoxide concentration sensor-transmitter offered with 4-20ma output corresponding to the measuring range of 0-300 ppm
  • The measuring element is an electrochemical sensor
  • Service life of sensor depends on the measured concentration and is currently assumed to be 5 years
  • The transmitter requires low maintenance
  • Transmitters are particularly intended for detection of CO gas levels in underground car parking, garages, boiler room, petroleum refineries, steel production, coal mines & furnaces

GTE CO comes with an integrated audio alarm and can easily be connected to exhaust fans, air ventilation systems.
It can work as a standalone item displaying the gas levels (see photo) or connected to LCD control panel.