Fruit & Vegetable Grading Machines:

Agritech offers a wide range of sorting and grading modules such as  

  • Mechanical Size Graders, 
  • Mechanical Weight Graders
  • Electronic Weight Graders, 
  • Optical and Color Graders with grading modules for external defect, internal defect, blemish, etc. 
Our Grading machines can handle most delicate fruit types, like tomato, mango, apricot, melon, apple, minnow, lemons, button squash, and various other fruit and vegetables (including Potato, onion, carrot, capsicum, cauliflower, cucurbits etc)

These machines are designed to operate either as stand-alone units or as part of a fully integrated sorting-grading line, which can be connected with collecting hoppers or collecting stations or bins, or cartons. The final choice rests with the customer upon the level of automation desired by him for their operations.

Below, is a picture of Optical Color Grading Line with Carton packing system for Apples: